Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This Moment in Slack History: A Bullet For Fidel

A Bullet for Fidel "A Bullet for Fidel"
A Bullet for Fidel was the nom-de-rock of Brian DiPlacido. DiPlacido cut his teeth in punk bands in his youth before strapping on a acoustic guitar and adopting a simple, reflective style. Superficially, he had a lot in common with any number of lo-fi acoustic strummers of the 90s (think Sentridoh) but in practice his songs had much more traditionalist bent. Prisonshake guitarist/Scat Records honcho Robert Griffin was a fan and Scat released several A Bullet For Fidel records, including this eponymous track from their debut 7 inch. If you like what you hear, this record and all the A Bullet For Fidel releases are available for sale from Scat for very reasonable prices. If you're the impatient sort, you can stream DiPlacido's only album, the quite excellent Cold Before Morning, over at Last.fm.

Download A Bullet For Fidel "A Bullet For Fidel"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for listening. After all these years, I think people should know that I had songs, but it was Robert who really made the record(s)--without his help in the arrangement, musician, production, engineering and sequencing departments, the releases couldn't have happened.--Brian D.

Michael Conti said...

Brian, look me up on the internet if you see this post. Your buddy Mike C from Erie, now in Alaska.