Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 1/24/13

Here tis. The first Unblinking Ear podcast of 2013. And the first in over a month! I do apologize for the delay and the lack of a best of the year podcast (which was kind of a dumb move as they're usually my most listened-to podcast of the year). However, I do hope any of the three WFMU fill-ins I did in the intervening time (including a best of show) kept you satiated. If not, I don't know what to tell you. Maybe I'm just not the rock music guru/obsessive/nerd/creep for you.

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Thursday, January 03, 2013

2012: The Best, Subjectively Speaking

Let's begin with a couple of things you don't necessarily need or want to know but I'm going to tell you anyway:

Unlike prior years, I'm not writing any accompanying text for any of these wonderful recordings. They are certainly worthy of any verbiage me or anyone else should choose to drop. However (and here's the stuff you don't need to know), I find myself with much less free time this year than I have in the past and since I didn't want to post this list when we were were already well into 2013, a simple list will have to suffice.

The good news is I've posted links for each entry where one can stream and/or purchase these releases, which is ultimately a more effective marketing tool than my overwrought prose.

Disclaimer: It's entirely probable that I've forgotten any number of fine examples of musical correctness issued in 2012. I will resist the urge to revise. Feel free to call out the idiocy of my omissions in the comments.

So then, alphabetically...

The Top Ten

Apache Dropout Bubblegum Graveyard (Trouble in Mind) [Spotify]

Bare Wires Idle Dreams (Southpaw) [Midheaven]

Grass Widow Internal Logic (HLR) [Spotify]

Ladyhawk No Can Do (Triple Crown) [Bandcamp]

Literature Arab Spring (Square of Opposition) [Bandcamp]

Protomartyr No Passion, All Technique (Urinal Cake) [Midheaven]

Rayon Beach This Looks Serious (HoZac) [Spotify]

Super Vacations Heater Pt II (Funny/Not Funny) [Soundcloud]

White Lung Sorry (Deranged) [Bandcamp]

The Young Dub Egg (Matador) [Spotify]

Honorable Mentions
Chris Brokaw Gambler's Ecstasy (12XU) [Spotify]
Call of the Wild Leave Your Leather On (Kemado) [Spotify]
Ex-Cult Ex-Cult (Goner)) [Spotify]
G. Green Crap Culture (Mt St Mtn) [Bandcamp]
Golden Boys Dirty Fingernails (12XU) [Big Cartel]
Hank Wood and the Hammerheads Go Home (Toxic State) [Big Cartel]
The Karl Hendricks Trio The Adult Section (Comedy Minus One) [Spotify]
Metz Metz (Sub Pop) [Spotify]
Nazi Gold A Message of Love (Super Secret) [Bandcamp]
The People's Temple More For The Masses (HoZac) [Spotify]
Radar Eyes Radar Eyes (HoZac) [Spotify]
Ty Segall Slaugtherhouse (In The Red) [Spotify] and Twins (Drag City) [Spotify]
Tyvek On Triple Beams (In The Red) [Spotify]
Woollen Kits Four Girls (Trouble in Mind) [Spotify]
XYX Teatro Negro (Monofonus Press) [Spotify]

Singles, EPs, etc
Child Actors "Summer Lawns" b/w "McKinley" (download only) [Bandcamp]
Coffin Pricks "Group Home Haircut" +2 7" (Stationary Heart) [Soundcloud]
Gotobeds Fucking in the Future 5-song cassette (self-released) [Bandcamp]
Lame Drivers Summer 2012 Tour Tape (split w/ The Woolen Men) (Eggy) [Free Music Archive]
Mouthbreathers "Die Alone" b/w "Validation" 7" (Replay) [Bandcamp]
Per Purpose "Warburton" b/w "Business" 7" (Bedroom Suck) [Bandcamp]
Savages "Flying To Berlin" b/w "Husbands" (Pop Noire) [Spotify]
Unholy Two "Cut The Music (I'm The Nightstalker)" b/w "Razor" 7" (12XU) [Bandcamp]
Wax Idols "Schadenfreude" b/w "The Last Drop" 7" (Suicide Squeeze) [Bandcamp]
What Next? "The Trip" b/w "Don't Believe" 7" (Whim) [Bandcamp]