Thursday, July 07, 2016

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 7/7/16

I'm going to forgo my usual apology for the lateness of this podcast and instead, simply tell you what's been going on in Unblinking Ear HQ in the interim:

Our showcases for the Northside Fest were enormously successful (read: adequate). If you missed out, you can hear the Gotobeds set on NYC Taper.

Our name your price digital single series Office Supplies continued with entries from TrĂ©s Oui and Big Bliss. We also have a tote/record bag (as modeled by Taylor above) available for sale! It comes with a free download of our Serious Rockers comp (though you should really own it already).

I did a pair of fill-ins on WFMU, one my usual nonsense and one a "dad rock" special for Father's Day. Not sure what dad rock is? Don't worry. It's made up.

Finally, Jared Leibowich is on tour, including a Brooklyn show with Big Quiet and Big Bliss. Go see him. He's nice.

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