Monday, January 31, 2011

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: Ready to Rumble

(Vegan, scruffy beard, Asian girlfriend. Look at this wrestling hipster.)

I apologize for the relative lateness of this podcast.

I usually spend my Sunday night assembling the podcast for posting on Monday morning but last night I watched the WWE Royal Rumble. I then occupied the rest of my night with composing a 1500 word letter of my thoughts on the event to send to Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer Online.

Am I joking? Let's just say that if there's anyone out there who wants to pay me to write about professional wrestling, I will gladly listen to offers.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: Hermitude

(Above: The view outside my apartment.)

Doing this podcast on a weekly basis works out fairly well when I decide I'm not going to leave my apartment for an entire weekend.

This is not due to some isolationist/perfectionist impulse but rather because it's 20 degrees colder than it should be for any living thing it exist here in New York City.

However, if you listen to this podcast and come to the conclusion that I put a lot of extra time into it, feel free to continue to think that.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: Podcasters Do It Weekly

I have to admit doing this podcast on a weekly basis has presented some challengers.

For example, trying to come up with something interest to say when I post a new one.

I can hear some of you now saying "Well that never stopped you before."

Har har. You're so funny, hypothetical straw man.

In lieu of clever comment, I'll just give you this still from the 1983 film Joysticks:

(Note: I discovered the above via the recent book Destroy All Movies, which is immensely entertaining and needs to be owned by everyone.)

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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: 2010 (Again)

(Above: another thing I somehow missed in 2010)

Welcome to this edition of the now weekly Unblinking Ear Podcast.

In our previous installment, we heard some of the best rock music of 2010. Here, we hear the music I missed 2010 but is worthy of your attention. For the past month or so, many have been publishing their best of the year lists. I've spent that time going through the ones from people I respect and listening to their picks which I hadn't heard. I'm not even close to done and I've already found enough stuff to fill an entire podcast. And there's more where that came from. Hopefully, I'll be done with 2010 by the time Pazz and Jop rolls around. Expect the next couple of podcasts to be peppered with previously unheard (by me) 2010 releases, along with a bunch of new records and, of course, the old stuff from when curmudgeons like me thought music really had it going on.

For now, I'll tip my hand and cite these fine people with fine taste as sources from which I'm swiping content. I have the feeling that some of the more waggish of you will comment that this podcast is better than my actual "best of" podcast. You know what? I might agree with you. Full credit goes to these folks:

Nate Knabel
Doug Mosurock
Jay Hinman
WFMU's Terre T (Coming Soon)
WFMU's Evan "Funk" Davies
WFMU's Jason Sigal
WPRB's Jon Solomon
Matador Records Staff and Artists
Goner Records Staff
Chunklet Staff

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Monday, January 03, 2011

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: Goodbye 2010!

This is the audio companion to the best of 2010 list below. It's also not a bad audio companion for the beverage above.

At this point, I'd also like to give you my new year's resolution for 2011:

(pauses for drama)

In 2011, the Unblinking Ear Podcast will be done on a weekly basis.

A new podcast will be available every Monday for the entire the year.

That's the plan. If I falter, feel to remind me that I'm letting the world down.

For now, let's listen to the year that was as we glare at the vista of our future.

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