Friday, January 09, 2009

This Moment in Slack History: Morsels from the Last Great Era of the 7 Inch Record

I started doing this regular feature a while ago thought I haven't posted any song from old sevens inches in over two months. The reason? (Besides laziness, of course.) Well, it was my original intention to chronicle lost tracks especially if they had never been on CD. However, in this information age things done seem to get lost anymore. You want examples?

Huggy Bear's Long Distance Lovers EP is available along with every other Huggy Bear 7 inch here.

Belreve's "The Sky Is Falling" is available for free download from Slumberland, who are also selling a CD compiling all the band's releases.

Pufftube's awesome, awesome, awesome version of "Boys of Summer" is available on their what I thought would be unlikely to exist myspace page.

Greenhorn's "Through the Thick of It" was included on Mike Lupica's terrific Anti-Static Podcast, which has a similar concept to what I'd hoped to do but is much better executed. (April 9th, 2008 edition, in case you wondering.)

All were 7 inches I had pulled from my collection with intention of posting them. I suppose I needn't had bothered. I did manage to find the below ditty, which legitimately seems to be unavailable elsewhere. (Fingers crossed, fingers crossed.)

The Ampersands "Postcards"
I can't even find too much info on this band other than that they were a four-piece from Australia. This single was one of two they released, both on Harriet Records, a label that is very well regarded among the twee set. From this example, it's easy to hear why: a near perfect two minutes of fey, kissyface pop.

Download The Ampersands "Postcards"

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Michael Malice said...

GOD BLESS YOU! Love this forgotten band...