Friday, January 30, 2009

An Individual Just Like Everybody Else

You know how you think you're really cool and different? Well, it turns out you're not:

I can't say anything about this that Amelie Gillette over at the Onion AV Club Hater didn't already say better except to note that, yes, this does actually exist. Perhaps I shouldn't make fun. I could certainly stand to lose a few pounds. Thank goodness I can now do it indie-style with the help of an instructor who looks like a reject from the Rock of Love Bus. (Though, as it turns out, she's actually a reject from A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.)

In other "indie" news, it's just been announced that Paul McCartney will be headlining this year's Coachella festival, though not Katy Perry as was reported by indie cred king Ryan Seacrest. No word on how Macca will handle this 100-plus degree heat but I bet his rider is better than Ariel Pink's.


joe said...

looks more like 'cardio for goth chicks' - although these days what's the difference? i don't know.

anyway, i thought you might like this one. apparently, pearl jam's bowel movements are news these days:

Ms. Francis said...

Yet another "get even quick" idea that I was too embarassed to speak aloud seems to paying off someone else's student loan. Great. I'll train any of you for $15 a session and WON'T dress up like a PE teacher moonlighting at Hot Topic. I'll throw that in for an extra $5, though.