Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 4: The Trilogy Continues

The wait is over! I was unable to put together a podcast last week. After the public outcry these past two weeks I have finally delivered: The 4th Unblinking Ear Podcast. It's like The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull of podcasts except no CGI groundhogs. (Or were they prairie dogs? Or gophers? I don't know the difference.)

The second and third podcasts are still up as well. As is the first but I'm not going to link it because after relistening to it, I've concluded that it sounds terrible. I must apologize for such amateurism. I have to especially apologize to Thomas Function whose "A Long Walk" is filled with surface noise. Please go and listen to it on their myspace.

But enough about that. As they said in Kung Fu Panda, the past is gone, the future is... something, but the present is... um, a gift? I don't remember it verbatim but I assure you it was some very profound shit.

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Anonymous said...

Nice one, dude.

Podcast of the week. Game over.