Friday, June 27, 2008

Not as hot as Tricia Helfer but...

...probably not as expensive either.

For a mere $175 dollars, you can buy your very own robot girlfriend. Made by the same people that brought you Sonic the Hedgehog and nearly as fuckable. (Thanks to Cooter for the link.)

Three further signs of the impending apocalypse:

1) From the talented creative team that brought you Scary Movie, Epic Movie, Date Movie and Meet the Spartans comes Disaster Movie. I debated whether or not to post the trailer but then I decided words simply couldn't do it justice. Warning: Not for the faint of heart, the comedically inclined or very sensitive Miley Cyrus fans.

Idea: Parody of these movies entitled Movie Movie. Entire film consists of Friedberg and Seltzer type-characters riffing on ideas for scenes.

How about the pregnant girl from Knocked Up and the pregnant girl from Juno go to the same OB/GYN?

Only they're really at an abortion clinic! And we'll have Jamie-Lynn Spears there too! She's preggers! That's a thing, right?

You might think that's a bit tacky but please note that Lionsgate has chosen to release Disaster Movie on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

2) I was watching VH1's I Love the New Millennium earlier tonight and it occurred to me that I know little to nothing about my current culture. Daughtry and Plain White Ts had big hits last year? I honestly had never heard those songs until tonight. I did know "Umbrella" though, so that's something. The show is scheduled to resume tomorrow night at 9 pm with the 2008 episode until approximately 9:30 at which point the universe will implode on itself.

3) To quote the Reverend Billy Childish, is it art or is it arse?

Watching Return of the Living Dead on IFC right now. I've seen it a few times before but I've never noticed before tonight that it contains what might be the greatest exchange in film history:

New Wave Guy: I like sex with death. How about you, Casey? You like sex with death?
Punk Rock Girl: Yeah, so fuck off and die.

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BestinShowKeith said...

You're right about the current culture. I think the problem is there is no identity to things now. What style or type of music would be remembered as being from "the aughts" (v 21)? Plus a lot of things suck!