Sunday, June 01, 2008

But does he know it's a Kinks cover?

Did anyone else notice the Pretenders' version of "Stop Your Sobbing" playing as Ryan Church walked to the plate in tonight's Mets vs Dodgers game? Was Shea Stadium's board mixer sending him a message about missing the past 10 or so games after suffering his second concussion of the year? Or is Ryan a closet new waver?

Church's usual batting song is Ozzy's "Crazy Train" which is certainly more pleasurable to hear than "Smooth" anytime Johan Santana does anything. Because his last name is Santana. Get it? Ugh. Couldn't they at least play "Oye Como Va?"

And now that we know the Pretenders are Shea-acceptable, I'd like to make an official request to SNY that they retroactively play "Kid" every time Gary Carter comes to the plate during a broadcast of Mets Classics.

Incidentally, Church proceeded to hit a two-run homer after hearing said tune. It's good luck, Ryan. Keep it!

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