Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Unblinking Ear Podcast Part Deux

So the first Unblinking Ear podcast was a rousing success. It was downloaded a grand total of 19 times. For my second podcast I'd like to get that number up to an even 20 if possible. So if you didn't download the first one (which you still can, here), here's your chance to earn a special place in my heart while listening to some rather excellent rock n roll music.

Also, I may have figured out how to remove all the clicks my tongue and teeth make when I speak. Damn sensitive microphone.

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1 comment:

Ms. Francis said...

You said the word "shit" in your podcast, which caused a stir among my afterschool AP US study group. Enjoyable tunes as always, but I was left wanting a little more psych-rock. Then again, I'm quite the hippie, or as you once put it, a "total commie pinko."