Friday, May 23, 2008

This Moment in Slack History: Morsels from the Last Great Era of the 7 Inch Record

"This Moment in Slack History" collects songs from 90s indie 7 inches. For further explanation, please see my original post here. And if you like what you're hearing please check out Mike Lupica's Anti Static podcast, which has a similar concept but much better execution. You can check it out here or subscribe to it via iTunes.

The Grifters "I'm Drunk"

I had previously posted a Grifters song a while back. Since no one has headed my call to put out a proper compilation of all their marvelous 7 inch releases, I'm just going to have to post another one. "I'm Drunk" comes from their split single with Guided by Voices on The Now Sound label. The 4 GBV tracks are nothing spectacular but the lone Grifters cut on the flip is awesome, approximating something like Can covering Johnny Thunders covering "Steppin' Stone."

Play or Download The Grifters "I'm Drunk"

Apparently someone has beat me to the punch on posting this. The You Shall Know Our Discography blog. You can find the contents of the entire 7 inch including the GBV cuts here. I stand corrected on saying the Guided By Voices cuts are nothing special. Three are Pollard throwaways but "Uncle Dave" sounds like prime lo-fi GBV to my ears. Thanks for posting this YSKOD so I don't have to. Check the rest of their blog for lots more 90s indie obscurities.

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