Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dear indie dudes,

Maybe you should remind yourself that you're trying your best to persuade others that you're into really cool music and that makes you a special, desirable kind of guy. Try remember that cool music is generally not made by hot actresses.

Scarlett Johansson covers Tom Waits: were you really waiting for this all your life? Her album, Anywhere I Lay My Head, dropped yesterday and while the reviews haven't exactly been glowing (from what I've seen they tend to fall in the 5 out of 10/2 and half starts out of five/letter grade C range) I'd still be willing to bet that her album is going to outsell, oh I don't know, Barbara Manning's entire catalog combined. Though from the soporific nature of the above clip perhaps Johansson is actually trying to compete with Ambien.

And then there's She and Him, the collaboration between M Ward and Zooey Deschanel. Deschanel certainly has a better voice than Johansson and deserves credit for actually writing most of the songs on their debut album, Volume One, which is a pleasant enough listen. But come on, would you really be buying an album of countrypolitan affectations if said mega-cutie was not involved? Well, maybe you would but the whole thing reminds me of this dude I knew a few years back who was ostensibly a punk/hardcore kind of guy but couldn't stop raving about the debut album of Australian soap star Natalie Imbruglia. He's now some kind of bigwig for AOL music, which I suppose is unsurprising.

This just in: Lindsay Lohan is apparently releasing an album of Destroyer covers. That oughta finally resurrect her career. I can't wait to hear her take on "The Bad Arts."

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