Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: Springtime Miracles

Two minor miracles today. One: the New York Mets won their opening day contest against the Atlanta Braves despite only scoring one run and nearly wasting a gem of a return from Johan Santana. Two: I managed to back announce this entire podcast without having a sneezing fit despite the allergies that have plagued me the past couple of days. Incidentally, if it seems that the volume of the songs contained herein varies wildly please excuse this as I can't hear anything right now due to congestion.

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PB said...

1 The Gotobeds “New Dress (Debutante)”
2 The Young “Don’t Hustle For Love”
3 The Hussy “Bang Bang”
4 Far-Out Fangtooth “White Valley”
5 Lee Ranaldo “Lost (plane t Nice)"
6 Phil Manzanera “Miss Shapiro”

1 Gentleman Jesse “Kind of Uptight”
2 The Golden Boys “Older Than You”
3 La Sera “I Can’t Keep You in My Mind”
4 Garageland “Pop Cigar”
5 Bedroom Problems “Obligated”

1 Brain F≠ “So Dim”

Chris Collision said...

Man, this one really hit the spot.