Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: I Think I'll Go For A Walk Outside

It's too nice out today for me to bother trying to write a clever bit to accompany this podcast.

However, it's not too nice out for you to listen to it. Ever.

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1 comment:

Paul Bruno said...

1 The Damnation of Adam Blessing “Cookbook”
2 Mount Carmel “Don’t Make Me Evil”
3 Prisonshake “Deanna”
4 A Giant Dog “Hunted Down”
5 Deaf Wish “Elementary School”
6 El Jesus De Magico “Live Dead”

1 White Hills “Song of Everything”
2 Destruction Unit “Eclipse”
3 In Buenos Aires “Across the Water”
4 Whoom Elements “Of Love”
5 The Karl Hendricks Trio “You’re a Bigger Jerk Than Me”

1 The Zoltars “If It Were Up to Me”