Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: Derby Season

The Kentucky Derby is in just two days. May I suggest that you bet on my horse Pie O' My?

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Paul Bruno said...

1 Alcoholics “Pesticides”
2 Wax Idols “Schadenfreude”
3 Terry Malts “Not Far From It”
4 The Bevis Frond “Barely Anthropoid”
5 Estrogen Highs “They Told Me I Was Everything”
6 Cheap Time “Another Time”

1 Carolee “Spiral Start”
2 Trypes “A Plan, Revised”
3 White Fence “Take Away Life’s Endless Take”
4 Double Happys “Some Fantasy”
5 Slant 6 “What Kind of Monster Are You?”

1 What’s Next “The Trip”

Holly said...

Excited about this one! Can't wait to hear Bevis Frond into Estrogen Highs ;-)

Brushback said...

Woah, whatever Carolee is, I really like it