Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: Vernal Punkquinox 2012

We've got a special (or at least atypical) edition of the podcast today: our semi-annual Punkquinox spectacular. Heretics that we are, each equinox we celebrate by playing nothing but late-70s and early 80s punk rock. I've done 7 or 8 of these all-punk podcasts. Am I scrapping the bottom of the barrel? Not even close. (Or I did a long time ago, depending on your point of view.) In any case, enjoy these dozen examples of vintage punk rock, which are so pure and free of artifice that even Jaded Punk Hulk can't help but be delighted by them.

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PB said...

1 Flesh Eaters “Disintegration Nation”
2 Personality Crisis “Piss On You”
3 Channel 3 “You Make Me Feel Cheap”
4 Dry Heaves “I Can’t Puke”
5 Deep Wound “Video Prick”
6 Queers “I Spent the Rent”

1 Betong Hysteria “Det Er Bare L√łgn”
2 Outsiders “Fixed Up”
3 White Russia “Three Crosses in the Sunshine”
4 Sniveling Shits “Bring Me the Head of Yukio Mishima”
5 Vicious Visions “I Beat You”

Chris Collision said...

Oh, this pleases me mightily. Good, good shit. That second song sounds almost like it's on 33 and would sound great on 45, too.

I love songs like that.

Holly said...

Most excellent! Thank you.