Monday, September 07, 2009

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: Punk Rock for the Workers!

Happy Labor Day, everyone. I thought I would treat all you laborers to a special podcast of that most proletarian of art forms, punk rock. Never mind that my last all punk rock podcast was on Valentine's Day. Or that the first one was for no real reason at all. Or that most of the songs on this podcast have little to no political content. Or that punk rock as the music for and by the working class is pretty much a total fallacy. Or that this is the absolute most inappropriate thing to listen to while relaxing at a BBQ.

Yeah, just forget all that and, um... I had a point, didn't I?

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BISKeith said...

most of the songs on this podcast have little to know political content

That is either a typo or a brilliant pun! Or a brilliant typo!

PB said...

Oof. That's a typo.

Damn homonyms.

Nate K said...

Per your recent tweet regarding Prisonshake and the point that I happen to be at in your most recent Podcast, Prisonshake covered "All This and More," tasetfully dropping the "Dead Boy" from the "I wanna be a..." lyric.