Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: Punk Rock Special!

(From my autobiographical comic about my difficult teen years.)

Here at last after weeks in the making (or more accurately weeks in contemplating and procrastinating, an hour or so in the making), it's the all punk rock edition of the Unblinking Ear Podcast. It's a small sampling of my favorite punk rock tunes from the late-70s and early-80s. Maybe some of your favorites are included as well! (Though probably not.)

Warning for the extremely sensitive: this podcast contains strong language, adult themes, barely competent musicianship and fidelity roughly the quality of a broken answering machine.

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its really nice said...

I down loaded your podcast and I am happy.

Ms. Francis said...

The rest of the show was enjoyable and sped up my cleaning velocity, but that last song made me stop what I was doing just to turn it off. It may actually be the most annyoing track ever recorded. Even worse than the Song that Doesn't End from Lambchop.