Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This Moment in Slack History: Morsels from the Last Great Era of the 7 Inch Record

"This Moment in Slack History" collects songs from 90s indie 7 inches. For further explanation, please see my original post here.

Space Dust "Cool Car"

Since we're already on the subject of brilliant music from New Zealand from yesterday's post, I thought I'd share with you this whirling dervish of psychedelia from Space Dust. I'm hard pressed to find concrete info on the band. I believe this 1994 7 inch (limited to 500 copies on the 18 Wheeler label) was their debut. It seems as though they released 3 full lengths and shared some members with another New Zealand outfit named Brother Love which was also the stage name of guitarist Martin Henderson. If anyone has any further info, don't hesitate to share it. No matter what their history, this slice of Kraut-rock informed dream pop (or it is dream pop informed Kraut-rock?) has long been a favorite in my household. And now hopefully in yours as well.

Download Space Dust "Cool Car"

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