Thursday, September 11, 2008

Out-of-Print Digital Relics: Peter Laughner

As unlikely as it seems, vinyl is not the only sort after medium for rare music. An increasing number of CDs are falling out-of-print and fetching high prices on eBay and Amazon. Sure, you can probably find just about anything via Soulseek or some other file sharing service but I thought I'd make things easy for you.

Peter Laughner Take the Guitar Player for a Ride
Tim/Kerr Records put out this collection of unreleased material from Pere Ubu founder Peter Laughner back in 1994, 17 years after the guitarist's death. A seminal figure in the Cleveland proto-punk scene, Take the Guitar Player for a Ride consists mostly of demos Laughner recorded himself though there is some material from his various bands including the pre-Ubu/Dead Boys outfit Rocket From the Tombs as well as short-lived acts like Friction and the Finns. If your interest in piqued Handsome Productions has a lot of biographical material (including Lester Bangs' obituary) as well as many CDs for sale of concert and demo recordings from Laughner's career. (I can't speak for the sound quality on any of them though.) And of course, Pere Ubu's early recordings and the Rocket From The Tombs collection The Day the Earth Met Rocket from the Tombs are highly recommended.

Download Peter Laughner Take the Guitar Player for a Ride


Darren said...

Cheers for this. I've just finished Clinton Heylin's 'From the Velvets to the Voidoids' and Laughner seems the most enigmatic/tragic figure in the book.

I was curious to hear what he sounded like.

all the best,

mad4music said...


I've been looking for this CD (at a reasonable price) for years! At last I have an opportunity to at least hear the music.

Now if I can just find those Tripod Jimmy discs I've been looking for...

bikes said...

The CD is missing two tracks from the double LP: Laughner's versions of Dylan's Visions of Johanna, and Pledging My Time, both riveting.

I have an excellent copy of the vinyl if anyone is interested:

michaelacas at

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much. It means a lot to be able to hear this. xx

Raul Wint said...
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Leftenant Reg? said...

Lovely. Quick fix for the MP3 player. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

huge thanks for this!