Thursday, July 07, 2016

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 7/7/16

I'm going to forgo my usual apology for the lateness of this podcast and instead, simply tell you what's been going on in Unblinking Ear HQ in the interim:

Our showcases for the Northside Fest were enormously successful (read: adequate). If you missed out, you can hear the Gotobeds set on NYC Taper.

Our name your price digital single series Office Supplies continued with entries from TrĂ©s Oui and Big Bliss. We also have a tote/record bag (as modeled by Taylor above) available for sale! It comes with a free download of our Serious Rockers comp (though you should really own it already).

I did a pair of fill-ins on WFMU, one my usual nonsense and one a "dad rock" special for Father's Day. Not sure what dad rock is? Don't worry. It's made up.

Finally, Jared Leibowich is on tour, including a Brooklyn show with Big Quiet and Big Bliss. Go see him. He's nice.

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Paul Bruno said...

OBN IIIs Rich White Men
Hunches You'll Never Get Away From Heart
Spray Paint Country Thumbs
Gotobeds Why'd You
Shepherds I'm Too True
Primetime Anyway

Male Gaze Lesser Demons
Terry Uncle Greg 1
City Yelps Light & Classical
Honey Radar Scorpions Bought Me Breakfast
Octagrape Aim Your Heart

Zoltars Run Off Key

Jon Solomon said...

This one hasn't show up on the iTunes yet.

Paul Bruno said...

Oops. Try again in like 15 minutes.