Thursday, July 02, 2015

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 7/2/15

So here's an anomaly: a new podcast with nothing for me to plug. Sure, I could tell you that the Big Quiet 7" and the Kerbivore and SWIVS tapes are still available at the Unblinking Ear Records bandcamp page or that Big Quiet's record release show for said 7" will be Friday, July 17th at Pine Box Rock Shop in Brooklyn and will feature special guests Real Numbers, My Teenage Stride and Sunshine and the Rain. However, I'll refrain and let you enjoy listening to this edition of the podcast free from my shameless self-promotion.

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Paul Bruno said...

Sauna Youth Try To Leave
Tropical Trash UFO Rot
Nots Virgin Mary
Kitchen's Floor Resident Dregs
Ballroom Burinin Billy
The Achtungs They Sent Me Back to Hell

Woolen Men Rain
Kizzy Hall Hollistic Alternatives
Institute Cheerlessness
Treehouse Like a Magnet
Dagger Shores The Shallows

Thee Tsunamis Trash Talk