Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 7/16/15

Do you like to party? Of course you do. Well, there's a heck of a party happening tomorrow night at Pine Box Rock Shop in Brooklyn: Big Quiet's 7" release show! Come and see Big Quiet and pick up their Unblinking Ear Records 7". Plus you get to see SWIVS, Real Numbers (who have a tune on the below podcast) and Sunshine and the Rain. But that's not all! Wait.. that is all. And that should be enough! RSVP here (or get more info here if you're not on Faceborg).

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Paul Bruno said...

Radioactivity Pretty Girl
The Hussy Made in the Shade
Negative Scanner Would You Rather
Rat Columns Do You Remember Real Pain?
Real Numbers Up And About
The Cats Holes

Wetdog Message
Ausmuteants Mates Rates
Pierre & Bastien Handicapé
Broken Talent I'm Dead
Uniform Buyer's Remorse

Big Quiet Style & Pace