Thursday, August 06, 2015

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 8/6/15

New podcast! It's pretty good. I have nothing to plug and I'm too dehydrated to write anything else because it's August. Enjoy!

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PB said...

Landlines Things Haven't Been The Same (Since You Got Back From Italy)
Rays Drop Dead
Breakout New Blood
Golden Pelicans Maggots
Vexx Black/White
Mystic Inane Grease inna Hair

Mint Mile Wound
Peacers Kick on the Plane
Deaf Wish On
Nervosas Quarantine
Eleventh Dream Day Requiem for 4 Chambers

Wurld Series Oh Well

Andrew TSKS said...

It's not on iTunes but I wrote about Unblinking Ear recently...

PB said...

Thanks for the write up, Drew! I'm going to read this every time feel the need to feel good about myself!