Thursday, December 06, 2012

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 12/6/12

It's another Unblinking Ear Podcast. All of new music here. Well, as long as consider something released as far back as April of this year to be "new." And if you don't, hopefully this will not stymie your enjoyment of the listening experience.

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Paul Bruno said...

Literature "Apples"
Butter the Children "Vermin $urprise"
Heavy Times "Unsolved Mysteries"
Total Control "Scene from a Marriage"
Decade in Exile "Steel Pin Rain Drops"
Times New VIking "Sleep-in"

A Giant Dog "Can't Complain"
The Gotobeds "Blank Stairs"
The UV Race "Life Park"
Peoples Temple "Restless"
Twerps "Work It Out"

Jacco Gardner "Where Will You Go"