Monday, March 21, 2011

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: Vernal Punkquinox 2011

(My egg didn't balance.)

It has now become a tradition here at Unblinking Ear HQ, that every first day of spring and first day of fall, we will present to you a podcast of nothing but vintage late 70/early 80s punk rock. We think it's a fine way to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

It's either this or I take my acoustic guitar down to the local open mic and delight everyone with a version of "The Circle Game."

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PB said...

1 Zero Boys "Civilization's Dying"
2 Rozz "I Don't Wanna Be a Machine"
3 Anti Band "Success"
4 Saccharine Trust "I Am Right"
5 Defnics "Suicide Trip"

1 Eater "Room For One"
2 Klips 1988 "Ultimatum"
3 Suicide Squad "New Kids Army"
4 Brommers "Miracles"
5 Pain "Churchyard"

1 Art Attacks "Rat City"

I forgot to add the tracklist to "lyrics" tab in the MP3. My apologies.

Brushback said...

"Civilization's Dying" is one of my favorite punk rock songs of all time.

Some of those other bands, I've never even heard of...!