Monday, March 14, 2011

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: Monday Entertainment

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By now, the weekly Unblinking Ear Podcast has hopefully become part of your Monday routine, helping to relieve (or enhance) the dreariness of beginning the working week anew.

However, we merely provide aural entertainment. What's the best thing to gaze your eyes upon while putting off all your work until you can "deal with it on Tuesday?"

Well, you could go with The AV Club's Inventory lists or Tom Scharpling's recaps of The Celebrity Apprentice, both excellent choices. But for my money, nothing beats the brilliant, absurdist webcomic known as Ghost Throat. While it's still in its infancy (we haven't even met the titular character's sidekick, Most Intelligent Fish, yet), the comic has delivered plenty of laughs already with its playful surrealism. It's an aesthetic that's back lacking far too much in comics of late, probably ever since the indie comix scene decided that navel gazing, not humor were what made one an auteur. Check out the Ghost Throat website for weekly updates and follow them on Twitter.

Oh, and listen to the new podcast.

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PB said...

1 Alice Cooper "Under My Wheels"
2 Lazy Cowgirls "Cheap Shit"
3 The Wrong Words "Just The Right Place"
4 Team Dresch "Freewheel"

1 Television "Days"
2 Arc in Round "Spirit"
3 Moon Duo "Fallout"
4 Mortards "Crazy"

1 Throwing Muses "Dirt Is On The Floor"

SuePer said...

RE: Rip Off Records. Name was literal in the sense that the releases were produced at the lowest possible cost and no savings were passed along to the consumer. Greg Lowery is a savvy business man who knows how to capitalize on a schtick. It turns out he also had a good ear for music.