Monday, February 07, 2011

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: Let's Get It Started

(She's no Sheryl Crow)

I don't want to say that this podcast is more musically rewarding than last night's Super Bowl halftime show...

Actually, you know what? I will go ahead and say that.

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Brushback said...

I went back-and-forth on Soul Asylum's pre-Hang Time output, but I still owned pretty much all of it (besides owning both Hang Time and ...The Horse They Rode In On, of course). I even saw them in New Haven around '87 or so, at a place that no longer exists.

They're playing in a couple of weeks at the casino for free, but no Tommy Stinson so fuck 'em

David said...

You were right, Radio Birdman was great.

PB said...

Brushback- Was Stinson in Soul Asylum? Last I heard he was still backing up Axl.

David- They are great. Direct yourself toward "The Essential Radio Birdman" collection on Sub Pop.