Monday, February 28, 2011

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: Keeping Track

(The above reference is incorrect)

It's been brought to my attention that some of you would like a track list for this podcast. There's a few reasons I've elected not to post one.

First of all, I like the element of surprise. When one hears a song as a blank slate, their reaction will be honest. If the listener has heard of the artist before, even just giving their name means that preconceived notions could be at play,

Secondly, giving out a track list threatens this quasi-legitimate podcast with legal action. I don't think this podcast serves much purpose other than giving promotional exposure to the artists represented, but the fact remains that it's their intellectual property used without explicit permission, so someone could easily see it differently. It's probably doubtful that it would come to that but I really don't need Google shutting down this blog.

And finally, as someone pointed out for my very first attempt at podcasting, a track list means that one could just scan the songs and seek to listen to them on their own or simply absorb the information without actually listening to it. It kind of makes the work I put into it counterproductive.

My solution for a while was to stick the track list in the iTunes "lyrics" tab for anyone who wanted it. But one day I forgot and no seemed to care, so I stopped this step entirely.

However, it appears at least a couple of you do care. So from now, I will resume putting the track list in the lyrics tab. I'm also going to "hide" the track list in the comments for each blog post. This way it won't be visible on the main page on the blog and can simply be ignored on individual post by not scrolling down, if that suits you.

Hopefully, we won't see any repercussions from this action. If we do, we'll deal with it. If anyone is an expert on "fair use" laws, feel free to contact me.

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PB said...

1 The Pretty Things "SF Sorrow"
2 Modey Lemon "Sleepwalkers"
3 K-Holes "Native Tongues
4 NNB "Slack"

1 Kurt Vile "Jesus Fever"
2 Salem 66 "Lemon Rind"
3 Beach Fossils "Calyer"
4 Belreve "The Sulk King"

1 Two Tears "Heisse Hexe"

Holly said...

Thank you!

Brushback said...

I preferred the song selection to be a surprise, also. Sorry if saying that screws up your decision.

I half-way like that Two Tears track-- I posted something else from that label(Kind Turkey) the other day myself...

PB said...

Brushback- If you'd like to continue to be surprised, you could always choose to not scroll down. Or maybe just put masking tape over the bottom half of your screen.

Brushback said...

I took your advice and put tape on the screen, but now I can't always see what I'm typada9342q dfaaafd df