Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: In Lieu of a Review...

...here's some actual music.

Yes, it's a Tuesday. And perhaps some of you thought I might be featuring a new release. Certainly, one or two were worth mentioning. However, you probably know about them already and I generally prefer to devote this space to records that are a bit more under the radar (or, alternately, records about which I think have something particularly interesting to share.) This is sort of ironic considering that this blog is probably much more obscure than the bands themselves.

Or maybe it's just a cynical attempt to generate Google hits with timely material and offer a little quid pro quo to the publicists who keep generously sending me albums. That's something to think about as you listen to the music below.

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Holly said...

Hello and thank you!

By any chance so you have a tracklist available?

(BTW, thanks a bunch for the Killed By Death post, too! Much appreciated!)

PB said...

Holly, FYI the tracklist for all my podcast (when I remember to include it) is in the Lyrics tab when you "Get Info" on a track in iTunes.

The reason I don't include a tracklist in my posts is because I like my listeners to be surprised by what's included, which is something we've sort of lost in internet. That is, hearing a song totally out-of-context, on-it's-own-terms. Even just knowing the name of the band and song prejudices the listener in some way. One automatically thinks "Oh, these guys are part of this" or even "I've heard this is good" and is therefore at least partially judging the music as what they perceive it to be not necessarily as what it is.

But since you asked...

1 Jet Bronx and the Forbidden "Aint Doing Nothing"
2 Babylon Dance Band "The Reckoning"
3 New Pornographers "Jenny Silver Dollar"
4 The Method Actors "Do the Method"

1 Futureheads "Stuck Dumb"
2 The Fall "Bury Pts 1+3"
3 Psychic Ills "Secret Flower"
4 MX-80 Sound "Cover to Cover"

1 The Great Unwashed "Neck of the Woods"