Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Best!!!

In light of many saying that I'm totally negative misanthropic asshole (a half truth at best) I thought I'd compile a list of people, places or things I think are the best. Not that might be the best but are the best, indisputably. Please read and enjoy. You may comment with a contrary opinion if you wish but serve to display your ignorance or lack of taste.

The best band with a really terrible name: The Bassholes
The best syllable to begin a word: "imp"
The best Arnold Schwarzenegger one-liner: "Let off some steam, Bennett!!" from Commando
The best show on WFMU: The Best Show on WFMU
The best way to appreciate 80s hair metal: as a moment of mass cultural retardation
The best punk rock song about statutory rape: La Peste "Better Off Dead"
The best punk rock song about the inability to ejaculate: The Sniveling Shits "I Can't Come"
The best comic book to read while you're sitting on the bowl: Johnny Ryan's Angry Youth Comics
The best free masturbation fodder on the Internet: http://www.americanapparel.net/
The best Simpsons episode, episodes 201 and up: Pray Anything
The best taking head on VH1's Best Week Ever: Paul F Tompkins
The best band on Matador, circa 1996: Silkworm
The best reason to commit a homicide: Jerk sitting behind you on the bus is yakking it up on his cell phone and won't quiet down no matter how many dirty looks you give him
The best way to irritate a David Bowie fan: Mention Tin Machine*
The best way determine a person is not in the mafia: They say they're in the mafia
The best Cosby kid: Theo
The best argument for Tim Burton not being all that great: Planet of the Apes
The best side of Sandinista!: 3
The best Alan Moore comic, post-Watchmen: Top Ten
The best album of the 1990s that nobody talks about: Prisonshake's The Roaring Third
The best time to take a nap: Whenever you're sleepy
The best name for a character played by Tony Danza: Tony
The best season, New York Mets, Bobby Valentine era: 1999
The best fake trailer in Grindhouse: Don't
The best television show not currently legally available on DVD: Get a Life
The best Mr. Show sketch: Pre-Taped Call In Show
The best band to release a dud of a live album as their debut: Hüsker Dü
The best band to release a dud of a studio album as their debut: The Go-Betweens
The best way to enjoy the Staten Island ferry: When you're not taking it to and from work everyday
The best advice no one ever gave Kurt Cobain: You should stick with that Mary Lou girl
The best sign that a rerun of Roseanne isn't worth watching: New Becky
The best form of birth control: Turning the lights on in a bar at closing time
The best way to pointlessly fill space on your blog: stupid lists
The best: You. Just for being you. (awwwww)

*I'm aware that I've mentioned Tin Machine in 3 of my past 9 posts. I'm sorry. This won't happen again until I find their self-titled LP in a used bin for a buck and review it for "Paleontology for Dullards." Probably.


Ms. Francis said...

Don't hate on new Becky. She's not as bad as new Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince of Bell Air.

PB said...

While I don't have a problem with Sarah Chalke as Becky per se, I do think that the show had a major decline in quality around the time she joined the cast. I'm not saying she was the cause but if you see an episode with new Becky, it's probably a shit episode.

nancy said...

Ha...tin machine...tin machine... that record was forced upon me by a bowie fan...worst...shit...ever.