Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 10/15/15

Lots of news since our previous podcast.

First of all, our unofficial CMJ showcase (flyer above by the lovely Carrie Quartly) is this Saturday. You can RSVP on Facebook here and buy tickets here.

Secondly, we've just launched our monthly digital single series Office Supplies! Every month we'll be posting an exclusive (for the time being, at least) song by a different artist on our Bandcamp page. Every song will be "name your price" so it's free to download if you're a total cheapskate. To start us off is the band that closed out our Serious Rockers comp (how's that for continuity?) Snowmans of Love.

In other news, Big Quiet has a music video for "Maura & Dana," which premiered at The Deli Magazine NYC.

And finally, is up and running so check it out! (While you're listening to the below podcast, of course.)

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PB said...

Counter Intuits Password (Is Password)
Pretty Girls The Kids Are All Fucked
Predator Drag
Sally Crewe Chase Tornado
Kurt Vile Pretty Pimpin
Snowmans of Love Staycation

Protomartyr Why Does It Shake
Terrible Truths The Coast Is Clear
Lame Drivers Slow Detective
The Mantles Police My Love
Blank Realm Flowers in Mind

Kitchen's Floor Down