Thursday, August 07, 2014

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 8/7/14

(Vandalism by Paul Barbato of Giga Herbs)

Please note: in the following, a * denotes an exaggeration or possibly an outright untruth.

While I'm loathe to use the forum for personal promotion*, I think the hundreds* of you who enjoy* this podcast should know that you can experience a reasonable facsimile in a public space with me actually present for social* interaction. Otherwise known as DJing.

Tomorrow, Friday 8/8, I'll be playing music* at Halyards, a fine drinking establishment in one of Brooklyn's least toxic neighborhoods*. You can RSVP here on Facebook, where your personal information will not be data-mined* and where I am very well-liked and popular*.

So please join us. It will be a lot of fun*.

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Paul Bruno said...

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The Dead Space Right Now
Bok Bok Come Back to Me
Flesh Lights No Longer
#1s He's Too Good
Life Stinks Sweep It Under The Rug

Spider Bags Summer of 79
Nots Fix
Vacation Club Boiled
White Fence Anger! Who Keeps You Under?
The Bevis Frond He'd Be A Diamond

Miriam Walking Down The Street

Brushback said...