Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 7/24/14

What do Derek Jeter and I have in common? We both recently got a hat tip from the king of all media, Tom Scharpling.

Oh... also, the gift basket thing.

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Paul Bruno said...

Lower "Lost Weight, Perfect Skin}
Zig Zags "Down The Drain"
Destruction Unit "Dust"
George Brigman "Jungle Rot"
Scupper "No Dime"
White Reaper "Funn"

Reigning Sound "My My"
Dick Diver "New Name Blues"
Sweet Benfica "Black Shackles"
Expert Alterations "Memory Glands"
Cold Beat "Out of Time"

Radioactivity "Danger"

Brushback said...

Hadn't heard of George Brigman before this, so, awesome -- thanks.