Thursday, September 05, 2013

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 9/5/13

Caveat emptor. I have to confess, dear listener, that this edition of the podcast is not up to par. Oh sure, the songs are all excellent but the sequence and "flow" is severely lacking. I have failed as curator when I can't even order songs in a manner of more significance than an iPod shuffle.

Perhaps I'll do better on my WFMU fill-in this Saturday at 3pm EST. Or maybe I'll just waste my time playing Simpsons Tapped Out on my iPhone instead of preparing like I did for this podcast. (My handle is "djpbruno" if you should want to add me as a friend.)

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PB said...

Simple Circuit "Bummm"
Ketamines "Patients"
Lunchbox "Scene"
Disappears "Weird House"
Destruction Unit "God Trip"
Gotobeds "Ispo Facto (It's All Happening)"

Royal Headache "Stand and Stare"
Superchunk "Your Theme"
Bird Nest Roys "Alien"
Bad Sports "Hypothetical Girl"
The Courtneys "Social Anxiety"

Venom P Stinger "Lethargy"

Jon Solomon said...

I love ya Paul but you're NUTS if you think the sequencing of the latest Unblinking Ear isn't decent at the very least!

PB said...

It's adequate. Could be better.

I am being somewhat tongue in cheek here. I enjoy praise, but if I can't get that, I'll take pity.

Peteski said...

Always great , look fwd to the fill-in show

Brushback said...

Okay, I will listen to the radio show this Saturday.

PB said...

It was last Saturday, but you can still listen:

Brushback said...

I know, it was a conceptual "sequencing" joke.

Guess I should go back to the drawing board with my "humor".