Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 6/7/12

After 100 episodes and four years of doing this, I've decided I can no longer attempt to write clever descriptions in the post title. (Let's face it, they were never that clever anyway.)

So as much as I'd like to express my elation for something like Johan Santana's no-hitter or my disgust for something like the failed recall of Scott Walker, you're just going to have to follow me on Twitter if you want my thoughts on current events.

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Paul Bruno said...

1 Scientists “Shake Together Tonight”
2 Bass Drum of Death “I Wanna Be Forgotten”
3 White Lung “Bag”
4 Grass Widow “Spock on MUNI”
5 Ty Segall & White Fence “I Am Not a Game”
6 The Young “Poisoned Hell”

1 Pow Wows “Seance”
2 UV Pop “Arcade Fun”
3 Merchandise “In Nightmare Room”
4 The Intelligence “Return to Foam”
5 Inhalants “Gun Shopping”

1 The Amber Smith “Zelda”

Anonymous said...

Man I love that era of the Scientists. Possibly more than the swamp goth era. Tough call.