Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 6/21/12

(Above: the scourge of sports radio listeners)

There are times when I wonder if, in the brave new world of online streaming, making a music podcast is still vital. But today I was listening to Pandora in my car when an ad for Brad Benson Hyundai came on between songs.

I then realized, what I do is necessary. You're welcome.

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1 comment:

Paul Bruno said...

1 Tokeleys “Mausoleum”
2 Blasted Canyons “Get High”
3 King Tuff “Bad Thing”
4 The dBs “World to Cry”
5 20/20 “Jack’s Got a Problem”
6 The Liminanas “I Know There’s an Answer”

1 Sickoids “King of the Dirt Mound”
2 Running “I Can’t Believe I’m Alive”
3 Big Boys “Influence”
4 Lydia Lunch and Die Haut “Der Karibische Western”
5 Multicult “Billows”

1 The Gremlins “Listen to Me”