Monday, July 26, 2010

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: It's All A Dream

This podcast was made inside a dream. which was inside a dream, which was inside another dream. And my dead wife was there.

Was does it all mean?

I think means there are times when ambiguity is intended by the artist and you can't spend forever arguing over what the "right" answer is because isn't supposed to be one. You can, however, enjoy a tightly constructed action movie with a novel structure that becomes more silly the more you think about, so you'd better not.


Brushback said...

I'm not gonna play the whole podcast through right now, but if the Bottomless Pit song is "38 Souls", I really like that song.

PB said...

"38 Souls" is a killer. I'm sure I'll wind up playing it at some point. Maybe for the best of '10 podcast.

"Late" is pretty great too though. And it has all those dirty words you can't play on the radio.