Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 11/17/16

This is the first Unblinking Ear Podcast of this brave new era where facts, reason, qualifications and general decency don't matter any more. I feel the word "fiasco" will acheive a new prominence in the coming years. Anyway, here's some tunes to get you through these dark times.

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Paul Bruno said...

Purling Hiss 3000 AD
Radar Eyes Fall Into Place
Terry Malts Come Back
Suburban Homes Welcome to Shitsville
Tyvek Choose Once
Colin Newman Life on Deck (Riverside Demo)

Savoy Motel The Hot One
The TImes I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape
Tenement Witches in a Ritual
The Goon Sax Telephone
Barbara Manning Island

Trés Oui Everything Discos