Thursday, October 01, 2015

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 10/1/15

It's been over a month since the last Unblinking Ear Podcast. Yes, we somehow managed to skip all of September. Not because we haven't been busy.

We did not one but two fill ins on WFMU (who have just begun their annual silent fundraiser so go give them some money) during that time.

Additionally,Unblinking Ear Records released the debut solo album from Zoltars frontman Jared Leibowich, Welcome Late Bloomers. It's available on cassette and digital and, if we do say so ourselves, is rather fantastic.

Finally, we've been working on our first ever CMJ showcase! (Unofficial, of course. There's no way I'd be allowed to go legit.) It's happening the afternoon of Saturday, October 17 at Union Pool and will feature the Gotobeds, Big Quiet, Snowmans of Love and a secret surprise musical guest, who I promise, will not disappoint. DJ Nate K will be spinning tunes before and in between bands and Pat Byrne will host, making us smile and perhaps making us think a little (though probably not).

That's a lot for you to mull over as you as listen to this podcast. (And we've got more big announcements coming soon.) You'll be happy to know that due to the layoff, a lot a good tunes have piled up for the past month and this episode is all killer, no filler. We're all about quality, not quantity here at Unblinking Ear HQ. (Actually, we're mainly about not making any money.)

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Paul Bruno said...

OBN IIIs Let The Music
Woolen Men Alien City
Cold Beat Outrunning Shadows
Terry Talk About Terry
Big Quiet Cutting Corners
Jared Leibowich Should You Ever Need My Love

Barreracudas Back Up Plan
Hurry Up Shit or Fuck
Hierophants Baine Marie
The Intelligence Refuse to Pay The Dues
The Fall Auto Chip 2014-2016

Mike Krol This is the News

Brushback said...

that Fall track is immense.