Thursday, May 07, 2015

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 5/7/15

Another podcast, another Unblinking Ear Records release to plug. This one is from Staten Island power trio Kerbivore, a 5-song EP called All Dressed. Without totally reiterating their one sheet (which I wrote, so it wouldn't be plagiarism) I'm going to say it's their best stuff yet. They've always been a band with chops but this is the first release where, back to front, they've got the tunes to match. Its opening track also opens this edition of the podcast and the whole shebang is available for streaming/digital download at the Unblinking Ear Records bandcamp page, with cassettes shipping very soon.

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Paul Bruno said...

Kerbivore Opportunity Costs
Obnox Cracked Up
Mystic Inane Eggs Onna Plate
Giorgio Murderer Computer Simulation
Heirophants I Don't Mind
The Apartments Help

Mikal Cronin Make My Mind Up
Warm Soda Dream I Left Behind
Zero Boys I'm Absent
Negative Scanner Pastel Blue, Clinical White
Summer Saints How To Get There

Home Blitz Betton Hill