Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 3/12/15

In atypical altruistic style, I've this new edition of the Unblinking Ear Podcast with nothing to plug in junction with its posting. Serious Rockers: An Unblinking Ear Mixtape, praised as "28 entries of sawed off cream pop and contemporary agit rock that practically signals the arrival of a new era we never knew we needed," has reached the end of what we in the music business refer to as its promotion cycle. Besides, the tape is sold out. (Though a dubbed version is available at a "nice price.") So enjoy the podcast below free of shameless self promotion. If you can.

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Paul Bruno said...

Human Abfall √úberkatze
The Grand Pantrymen Gotta Get You Outta My Life
VeLO I'm in Hate
Thigh Master Age Of Concern
The Intended Alchemist
Young Guv Ripe 4 Luv

The Mantles Dancing (With a Hole In My Heart)
Germ House Best Laid Plans
Love of Diagrams How You Run
The Zoltars Poisonous Poet
Dick Diver Tearing The Posters Down

Volcano Suns Wrecks

Brushback said...

Melbourne FLA is a place, I've been there, got family there actually

Paul Bruno said...

I've been educated!

Brushback said...

I've actually heard of one or two house venues (for basement punk shows) in Melbourne FL, which is something I'll be hunting for when I move there (screw all this snow)