Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Unblinking Ear 3/27/14

(Above: The new business model)

Music is becoming a cheaper and cheaper commodity to the point where it's nearly worthless. Physical copies are slipping into irrelevance and MP3s are easily obtainable for free. It's high time to we make the pendulum to swing in the other direction and force music to be heard as high art rather than disposable fodder.

With this in mind, starting with our next edition, the Unblinking Ear Podcast will only be heard in select museums. Sorry, plebeians.

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Paul Bruno said...

The Notwist "Kong"
Generation Loss "Line"
Ex Hex "Everywhere"
Perfect Pussy "Driver"
In School "Apocryphal Scum"
Golden Pelicans "Burn Everything"

Warm Soda "When Your Eyes Meet Mine"
The Scabs "Leave Me Alone"
Cheveu "Slap and Shot"
Pow "Shoes"
Ruined Fortune "Black and Red"

Mike Krol "Locker"

Brushback said...

That Mike Krol track was great