Thursday, August 08, 2013

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 8/8/13

As I was getting ready to post this podcast someone sent me an excellent article on some of the more annoying habits of people on social media. As a lark, I decided to see how many the very human but very irritating motivations outlined in the article one could apply to this podcast.

Image Crafting. I have great knowledge of and good taste in a certain silver of a subgenre of rock music.

Narcissism. My my knowledge is so deep and taste so impeccable, it would a crime not so share them with the world.

Attention Craving. Please recognize my awesome knowledge and taste!

Jealousy Inducing. Yes, I own that rare record which I just played. Don't you want it/wish you were me?

Loneliness. I have nothing better to do with my life than assemble these.

Wow. 5 for 5. I'm pretty insufferable. Hopefully you find this podcast interesting/informative/entertaining enough to justify my abhorrent behavior.

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1 comment:

Paul Bruno said...

Yi "Got a Stone"
Ex-Cult "Mister Fantasy"
Secret Prostitutes "Sputnik"
Warm Soda "This Changes Everything"
Novice "Your Crime"
Golden Pelicans "Chained to the Dumper"

Running "Why Can't You Be in Running"
Constant Mongrel "Hoarding"
Speedy Ortiz "Fun"
Cruel Summer "Silent Star"
Bare Mutants "Growing"

Sweet Benfice "Sliding Stones of Death Valley"