Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 7/11/13

Here we are once again with another edition of the Unblinking Ear Podcast. I hope you don't mind the week delay but I wanted to enjoy my 4th of July weekend. Mine was highlighted by a run in with a hot-headed, foul-mouthed, power-abusing crybaby of an elected official but that's what America is all about, right?

My only regret is that Pat Kiernan doesn't know who I am.

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Paul Bruno said...

Livids "(Some of Us Have) Adrenalized Hearts"
Dinos Boys "Play Dead"
Sleaze "Big Azz Buttz"
Bits of Shit "Meat Thump"
Deep Heat "Your Eyes"
Dichroics "The Invisible Floor"

The Readymades "I've Been to Egypt"
Bass Drum of Death "Bad Reputation"
The Gospel Truth "12ax7"
Mordecai "Scuzz"
Black Bug "Masks"

Sector Zero "Guitar Attack"

Brushback said...

I guess so little happens in your neighborhood that getting told to 'fuck off' from some old man merits a big news article

Paul Bruno said...

Pretty much.