Friday, April 19, 2013

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 4/19/13

If anyone would like to purchase the above product for me (a mere $68 retail!), I would gladly accept. I have a beard and it needs to be tamed. Yet even with this mammalian hindrance, I somehow manage to fill a biweekly podcast with new music. It's not an impossible task, though admittedly, it is slightly more demanding than complaining.

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PB said...

Ooga Boogas "Archie & Me"
Mouthbreathers "Mindbreathers"
Edible Arrangements "Second Hand Shit That You Live In"
Tyler Jon Tyler "Loyal Caskets"
The Thermals "I Go Alone"
Connections "1980 Called"

Wire "Keep Exhaling"
Disappears "Kontakt"
Kurt Vile "Was All Talk"
Thee Oh Sees "Sweet Helicopter"
White Fence "New Edinburgh"

Charles Bradley "You Put The Flame On It"

Peteski said...

thanks for the playlist

was going to ask but didn't want to be "that guy"