Friday, March 08, 2013

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 3/8/13

It's another Unblinking Ear Podcast. A day late but who cares about my hack-y garbage? People who actually know what they're doing need your help.

WFMU is having their annual fund raising marathon until March 17th. As you probably know, WFMU does not accept advertising or government grants and relies almost solely on the donations to remain in existence. So please, click the banner below and give. (Oh, and below that is the latest podcast. Listen to that when you get around to it.)

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Paul Bruno said...

Bush Tetras "Cowboys In Africa"
Family Curse "Truth Will Out"
Wimps "Repeat"
Raw Prawn "None Left"
Ratsak "Endurance Manual"
A Giant Dog "Cleveland Steven"

The Men "Freaky"
The Growlers "One Million Lovers"
Negro Spirituals "Ancient Trees"
Ex Con "Cuda 82"
Banque Allemande "Schwarz Vor Schwarzer Wand"

Larry Wallis "Police Car"

Anonymous said...

Hey it seems like not many people comment, I'm not sure why, I just wanted to let you know that your podcast is my favorite source of guitar music at the moment. I'm so glad I found this place, especially since art for spastics is no longer on the air. PLEASE continue to keep up the work, I think you've got a lot of fans that don't speak up all that much.

-Karl in Texas

Paul Bruno said...

Thanks very much, Karl!