Thursday, February 07, 2013

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 2/7/13

This podcast was atypically assembled in the morning. Usually I put together the podcast in the evening to have it ready for the following day. However last night I passed out almost immediately upon returning home from work, which happens to working people sometimes (especially when they were out drinking heavily for no apparent reason the night before).

So please enjoy or at least tolerate my morning voice and disposition, the same one that's caused my co-workers to conclude they should not try to interact with me until 3pm at the earliest.

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Paul Bruno said...

Lazy "Party City"
Nuclear Spring "Mos Maiorum"
Bits of Shit "Ownership"
Rational Animals "Cross Eyed Delights"
Red Hex "Shoulda Known"
Vidiots "Laurie's Lament"

Sweet Talk "Pickup Lines"
Hank IV "Depravity's Rainbow"
Dynamic Truths "Headed for the Halfway House"
Emerald Lakes "Echo of Greece"
Bleeding Rainbow "Losing Touch"

Jim Testa said...

I liked that Lazy song so much I googled it, found it on Bandcamp, and bought it for a dollar.