Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 9/27/12: The Autumnal Punkquinox 2012

(“I'm not fucking Johnny Stingray, you motherfucker!”)

We've done it again. Not throwing a ol' fashion entitled, aging, increasingly irrelevant rock star tantrum. But rather assembling a bunch of vintage punk rock tracks for your seasonal listening pleasure. Not only that, but due to the brief nature of many of these cuts, we've upped the number of songs for our usual podcast standard of a dozen to fifteen. Hopefully, this will make up for me popping my p's every time I say the word "punk." (Windscreens aint hardcore, dontcha know?)

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Paul Bruno said...

Government Issue "Time to Escape"
The Hoax "This Is My Life"
Seizure "Front Line"
Seems Twice "Non-Plussed"
Ebenezer and the Bludgeons "Oh I Love This Weather"
X_X "A"
Jim Basnight "She Got Fucked"

Slobobans Undergang "Te Dej I Roven"
The Lurkers "Mass Media Believer"
The Surgeons "Sid Never Did It"
U-J3RK5 "U-J3RK5 Work For Police"
Subway "Jesus Loves Me (But I Don't Care)"
Controllers "Slow Boy"
The Jerks "Hold My Hand"

Hubble Bubble "Sweet Rot"