Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Unblinking Ear Podcast 8/2/12

We've got a new Unblinking Ear Podcast for you with a whole bunch of new music. That's pretty exciting but not quite as exciting as a forthcoming announcement regarding the Unblinking Ear.

It will be revealed early next week on my Twitter feed so please follow me there if you're not already. You don't want to miss the big news. And by big, I mean small. Miniature, actually.

Download the latest The Unblinking Ear Podcast

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PB said...

1 Skids "Into The Valley"
2 Eternal Summers "Wonder"
3 Coffin Pricks "Group Home Haircut"
4 Blank Postcards "I'm Covered in Mess"
5 XYX "Na"
6 Foster Care "I Never Meant To"

1 Scott & Charlene's Wedding "Gammy Leg"
2 Slug Guts "Adult Living"
3 Gang of Four "What We All Want"
4 Turing Machine "Slave to the Algorithm"
5 No Joy "Smiley Face"

1 Joy & The Hot Kids "I'm Still a Child"